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Notice to the Market – Extension of agreement with Gilead


Grupo Biotoscana announces new agreement with Gilead for the Andean region

Montevideo, Uruguay, May 10, 2018. GBT-Grupo Biotoscana (B3: GBIO33), a leading biopharmaceutical company in Latin America, announces to its shareholders and the market in general that it has entered into a new exclusive agreement with Gilead Sciences to commercialize a full portfolio of anti-infectives, hepatitis C & B, and anti-fungal in the Andean region, including Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay and Bolivia.

Under the new agreement, GBT will be responsible for the regulatory, pharmacovigilance, market access, commercialization and distribution efforts of over 15 current products, including AMBISOME® for Peru, Paraguay and Bolivia, SOVALDI® (400 mg sofosbuvir) for Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, HARVONI® for Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia and EPCLUSA® for Colombia.

The agreement also includes rights to the pipeline of breakthrough products, which will be able to provide advanced therapeutic options for patients with high unmet medical needs in those countries.

“We are excited and honored to extend our partnership with Gilead to new territories. Gilead has been a key partner of GBT for decades and this extension will become an important backbone for us in the Andean region”, said Mariano García-Valiño, CEO of GBT. “We at Gilead are thrilled to extend our partnership with GBT, a partnership that has rendered extraordinary output in Brasil and we believe will continue to be fruitful now in other areas in Latin America”, said Norton Oliveira, Gilead’s VP for the Latin American region.

The current products will result in immediate sales for GBT and Gilead, as they are already registered and commercialized in the geographies.

GBT – Grupo Biotoscana.

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