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Board of Directors and Management

GBT´s board of directors, composed of seven members, is the Company´s decision-making body responsible for formulating general directives and business guidelines, including offering guidance on its long-term strategies.

The members are elected and may be removed with or without cause by the general meeting of shareholders with a simple majority of votes. The members are appointed for a period of two years and may be reelected. Decisions of the board of directors are adopted by a majority vote of the directors present or represented at such meeting.

Board of Directors

Name Office Most Recent Appointment Date
Samira Sakhia Board Member 25/11/2019
Robert Lande Board Member 25/11/2019
Gaëlle Lamotte Board Member 25/11/2019
Nicolás Sujoy Board Member 25/11/2019


GBT´s executive officers are responsible for day-to-day management of its business and for implementing the directives and general guidelines established by the board of directors.

Name Office
Claudio Coracini Chief Executive Officer & General Manager Brazil
Leonardo Catalano Chief Financial Officer
Renato De Giorgi Chief Business Development Officer
Julieta Serna General Manager CANDEAM
Eduardo Epstein General Manager Argentina & Head of Medical Affairs
Melissa Angelini Corporate Communications & IR Director
Joaquin Mandachain Project Management Officer

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