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Board of Directors and Management

GBT´s board of directors, composed of seven members, is the Company´s decision-making body responsible for formulating general directives and business guidelines, including offering guidance on its long-term strategies.

The members are elected and may be removed with or without cause by the general meeting of shareholders with a simple majority of votes. The members are appointed for a period of two years and may be reelected. Decisions of the board of directors are adopted by a majority vote of the directors present or represented at such meeting.

Board of Directors

Name Office Most Recent Appointment Date
Juan Pablo Zucchini Chairman 05/06/2017
Brenno Raiko Member 06/22/2017
Myriam Deltenre Member 04/03/2017
Anders Lennart Tullgren Independent Member 10/12/2018
Evis Hursever Member 04/03/2017
Roberto Luis Guttmann Member 04/03/2017
Nicolás Sujoy Member 05/06/2017


GBT´s executive officers are responsible for day-to-day management of its business and for implementing the directives and general guidelines established by the board of directors.

Name Office
Federico Wintour Chief Executive Officer
Raquel Balsa Chief Financial Officer
Renato De Giorgi EVP, Business Development
Román Saglio EVP, Marketing
Julieta Serna EVP, Latam
Ivan French EVP, Research & Development
Daniel Flores Sr. Advisor, Science

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