Focada exclusivamente no desenvolvimento, 
                                        produção e promoção de produtos farmacêuticos especializados

Strategy & Competitive Advantages

The global science ecosystem that pushes the boundaries of clinical research has shifted. While a decade ago, innovation was coming from global giants that developed and delivered new products from their own labs, in the past decade, innovation has shifted to small, entrepreneurial biopharmaceutical companies and academia. It has transformed from a system of a handful of global giants, working in isolation, into a buoyant ecosystem of small R&D houses, regional pharmaceutical companies and academia collaborating and partnering to bring to life some of the most innovative products that humankind has ever known.

Given this shift in paradigm, GBT has been engineered to follow a different R&D pathway. GBT purposively manages knowledge flows across organizational boundaries, using pecuniary and non-pecuniary mechanisms, to ensure its technology takes advantage at all times of the best the world has to offer in clinical innovation.

GBT embraces Open Innovation at its core. A large portion of GBT’s pipeline is sourced by partnering with biotechnology and other pharmaceutical companies worldwide. We complement this process with our own proprietary R&D efforts to drive strong R&D productivity and deliver truly innovative therapies that transform lives and restore hopes across the Latin American region.

By using Open Innovation, GBT is able to deliver a level of innovation comparable to the world’s most advanced companies. GBT has long-standing partnerships with global leaders. At the same time, GBT has a proprietary team of more than 80 people fully dedicated the discovery, development and registration of new products, working on one of the most advanced research and development centers in the region.

GBT has a strong team of scientists and business development people, that tap permanently into the world’s innovation centers and into the region’s most knowledgeable physicians to evaluate hundreds of possible collaborations annually. We also have a very disciplined approach that allows us to understand the most advanced research trends and determine which products will be more appropriate for the region and decides which to develop in-house and which are better candidates for collaboration. Combining all its rich ecosystem.

GBT intends to continue to be the leading Latin American specialty biopharmaceuticals company. The key elements of the Group’s business strategy are based on four pillars:

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Continue to operate as a laser-focused on specialty regional pharmaceuticals player

The portfolio is comprised of high-tech, specialty pharmaceuticals that meet one or more of the following criteria:

High value – Typically cost more than USD500-USD1000 per month of therapy.

High complexity – Typically difficult to manufacture (many are biologics).

High touch – Mainly professionally administered or injectable/infusions. Usually required to control side effects and ensure compliance.

Limited availability – Specialty drugs might have special requirements for handling procedures and administration.

Treat rare and complex diseases – Relatively small patient populations presenting complex medical conditions.

Mantain a cutting-edge product offering through an open innovation paradigm, combined with internal product developement

GBT is highly regarded as a partner of choice in the region and has a state-of-the-art developement center and regionally capable plants.

Expand and develop GBT‘s footprint to obtain full coverage of Latin America, leveraging GBT‘s product portfolio across target markets, to realize the full potential of the group‘s platform

GBT has a highly sophisticated commercial platform, capable of dealing with the complexities of specialty products.

Continue to operate at the highest global standards of regulatory compliance, product quality, business practices and operational excellence, becoming the Latin American industry benchmark

GBT is subject to the world-class ethical and compliance standards and is consistently advised by top firms in compliance, on top of continuous third-parties audit processes by its partners.

Competitive Advantages

Unique specialty pharmaceuticals platform in Latin America with a true regional footprint. Through GBT’s unique pan-regional business infrastructure, the Group possess a deep and nuanced understanding of the various commercial and regulatory environments within Latin America, and have created a regional platform with cross-border capabilities to develop, manufacture, register and market new drugs.

Attractive operations in a growing specialty pharmaceuticals sector and well-positioned to take advantage of beneficial demographic trends. The growing middle class, the aging of the population and the increased healthcare consumption and spending throughout Latin America have created favorable demographic conditions for the sale of specialty.

Expansive and diversified product portfolio with strong market positioning, sustainability and innovation. GBT’s product portfolio includes over 150 molecules, and is focused on key therapeutic areas in the high-growth specialty pharmaceuticals market, which generally requires specialized production skills and dedicated infrastructure.

Pioneering a lean, open innovation business model in Latin America generating attractive returns on invested capital, with a strong track record of partnerships with leading global players.
 Consistent with emerging industry trends, GBT adopts an open science research and development architecture, characterized by collaboration with other pharmaceutical companies, academia and start-ups.

Proven execution, transformation and integration abilities with a track record of profitable growth in Latin America.Since GBT’s inception, its business has grown dramatically, building a robust specialty pharmaceuticals product portfolio with over 150 molecules.

Experienced management team and strong private equity sponsorship. With an average of 17 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector GBT’s management team has a strong track record in the industry, as well as in the region.